• LDG was found in 2005 on the basis of landscape design. Our projects cover a wide range of functions, climates zones, historical and cultural backgrounds and vary considerably in dimensions, from the sizable 190 k㎡ general landscape planning in Dagu River to intimate, highly acclaimed France Pavilion in Shanghai Expo (2010),cooperated with a French atelier, Aqence Ter. The development of LDG design work has continuously pushed the boundaries of what constitutes the fields of landscape. The project, called comprehensive treatment of aquatic environment in Licun River, has been in process for more than 5 years, revealing our determination and proving to be a success by winning Best Human Settlement Award (2011) and the third prize of Landscape planning design Award of the first session of Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture (2011). We have developed a reputation for creating innovative and contemporary landscape design. Our leading spirit lies in our design skills and the ability to deliver high-quality design on high-profile projects, close relationship with our clients, on time and within budgets.

    Currently, we have more than 30 designers, and our aim is to make efforts on enhancing the quality of projects rather than increasing the scale of the company. When it comes to interdisciplinary work, we have accumulated rich practical experience in fully collaborating with a number of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions, such as Yuanjing Inc, Jizhan Inc, Tongji University. Overall, by embracing knowledge in many fields, nurturing new technologies and techniques, expanding territories of interest cross the full breadth of landscape fields and across many cultures, LDG continue to expand their areas of expertise with challenging work.

  • LDG(兰斯凯普城市景观设计有限公司)成立于2005年,致力于设计现代创新的景观并控制项目的品质,多年来努力为客户提供高品质的作品。2009年和法国Aqence Ter工作室合作,设计了2010年上海世博会美轮美奂的"法国馆"。2008年在青岛李沧区开始长达5年的"李村河综合治理"项目。该项目一期获2011年国家"人居环境奖",中国风景园林学会第一届优秀风景园林规划设计三等奖。