• Landscape Design Group, as a professional landscape design team, is founded on principles of collaboration, innovation, and persistent learning. Our design is based on deep understanding of urban planning, architecture, civil engineering, ecological environmental protection, relevant theories and cutting edge thoughts. Advocated by the fusion of disciplines above, LDG is devoted to creating modern innovative landscape. Our core strength lies in our comprehensive understanding of design. For each project, LDG always systematically investigate and research all-around context of a site, such as the circulation, the function of surrounding area, climate, hydrology, history, etc. Meanwhile, we are faithful to the principle of the modern landscape, and keep exploring novel design methods in the hope of providing a distinctive landmark or a brand-new experience to the region.

    LDG design is embedded in the profound understanding of both eastern and western philosophy. Perceptual thinking drives us to highlight the unique charm of the project. During the design process, our primary focus is the spatial relationship processing, requiring thorough research on the entrance, scene display, views in opposite place and remarkable contrast in spatial experience. These are the essence of eastern philosophy. Moreover, we grasp the rhythm, cadence and scale firmly, while we integrate spatial relationship with composition concisely and modernly. To satisfy the functional demands of fitness, communication, gathering beyond visiting, we pay close attention to creating comfortable space, accompanied by leisure facilities and landscape architectures. To fulfill our original intention, we played a guided role in collaborating with multi-disciplinary engineers to make every detail to be rational and innovative. Those are application of modern western landscape principles.

    Sustainable practice is a top priority to our work. Our recent practice involves planning and construction of sustainable cities and environments, aiming for a balance that creates energy efficiency throughout development and growth. We approach sustainability through the consideration of economics, social context, and the environment. Our solutions are not only effective, but also poetic and enduring. Our approach helps clients make long-term decisions that result in greater value for them. For instant,in construction site, we seeks for solutions to reduce the need for new materials to be brought to site, by instead re-using the existing materials found on site-recycling, treating and storing finite water resources and creating spaces that are layered with mix use.

  • LDG作为专业的景观设计团队,其景观规划与设计的基础是深入理解城市规划、建筑、工程技术、生态环保等相关学科的理论以及前沿思想,倡导融合上述学科进行一体化的设计,从而创造出现代的创新景观。LDG的核心技术优势还在于对设计的充分理解。对于每一个项目,LDG首先深刻地分析现状条件,诸如基地的交通、周边地块的功能、气候、水文、历史沿革等背景资料;同时遵从现代景观设计的原理,探索对项目地块有新意的设计方法,为当地的景观提供新地标或新的体验。